Future of Accounting Education Practices: Leveraging on Emerging Technologies

Future of Accounting Education Practices: Leveraging on Emerging Technologies

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  • July 4, 2023
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Improvements in information technology (IT) have transformed the whole education function in business. Also, it has altered the functions of professional accountants. Recognizing its level of usefulness, many employers and professional bodies have oftentimes demanded for adequate IT skills. No matter which domain of accountancy is involved, relevant IT tools, should be embedded in the context of accounting and communicated through the modern methods and practice of teaching. Notwithstanding how essential the springing –up telecommunication will be to accounting education practice in the future, the level at which the former is deployed in accounting units is seriously limited. In addition, hitherto, the present topic was researched upon in the extant literature more or less in fragments while many aspects of its skills which are demanded from the graduates of accounting by employers to possess are absent. Using the historical research approach, this study examined what the future of accounting education practices would be comprehensively. The outcome of the study revealed that emerging technologies play vital roles in modern accounting practices. Consequently, it is recommended that the relevant parties in the accounting profession become proactive enough to reap the emerging technology benefits.

Keywords: Accounting Education Practice; Accounting Professionals; Emerging Technologies


Agbo, Elias Igwebuike

FULL PDF   |   DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.8112983