Fraud and Fraud Control in a Computerized Accounting System

Fraud and Fraud Control in a Computerized Accounting System

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  • December 13, 2021
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The advent of computerized accounting which involves the use of modern-day facilities in the day-to-day accounting came with not just benefits but challenges. This is a study on the modern-day accounting and the various ways fraudulent activities is affecting accounting. This study seeks possible solution and control to fraud in a computerized accounting system. The motive behind fraud and the various forms of fraudulent activities is encompassed in this study. People involve in fraud for majorly personal or individual gains or for organizational gains. Knowing the extent of damage fraud causes to firms and individuals will further expose the need for an effective working control system. The perpetuators of fraudulent activity in firms and modern-day accounting are seeking smarter ways to go about their desires, thus, possible solutions to the management of accounting details were proffered to help curb the level of fraud which is fast tarnishing the standard and credibility of accounting.

Keywords: Fraud; Computerized Accounting System; Fraud Control; Firms

Egiyi, Modesta Amaka PhD

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